A Bit About Me.:

I am a fully Certified Spiritual Teacher  in Various Holistic Energy Art’s some of the methods that am certified in & I use are: (Reflexology, Laughter Yoga, Theta Healing, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Art Healing, Mentoring,  Coaching & various other techniques.

I work with distance clients all around the world, because the work that I do, I am passionate with what I do, because it gifts people with the ability, to be, who they truly are meant to be in the world, to connect with themselves and the world in a deep and meaningful way and to create a life that they love and feel grateful for everyday!

I personally started my journey a few years ago when I was looking to find a better way of leaving for myself, & trying to connect with my inner self.

I had no idea at all what holistic healing was, I didn’t even imaging at that point that this could change my life in a better way and that it would become a passion for knowledge in every way because it was a new bath for me but I enjoyed every day of it, because I started to see changes in me, changes in the way I dialed with the problems that came up to my life, methods that relieved all forms of stress, emotions & problems.

So in my first steps I found out that I could start helping myself a lot with the holistic values, fighting against the daily stress with different methods & not only.

I couldn’t even imaging that I would start studding all this methods & get so passionate & become one day whom I am today a Practitioner, Coach, a Master Teacher, an Instructor in Various Holistic Techniques helping daily my clients with issues that they didn’t even imaging of achieving.

I am very Grateful & Thankful to all my Spiritual Teachers that showed me and guided me, to become what I am today.